opening the drive door/lid of an RM03 ?

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Sun Jan 24 03:46:53 CST 2016

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Subject: Re: opening the drive door/lid of an RM03 ? 

Strange. Here's one of mine. No lid issues!



I remember seeing that RM03 movie!  That one is in really bad shape
with a lot of rust and dirt. But the heads seems to look quite clean,
so maybe not all is lost.
This time I of course watched closely the lamps on the "operator panel".
On my drive I can toggle the PROTECT lamp with the push button, but
READY does not come on. Logically, pressing START has no effect.
The good thing is that the FAULT lamps stays off, but then again, that
could be just a defective bulb :-/

I guess I have to pull the maintenance doc and start checking interlock
signals. I could also start cleaning RM03 #2 ...

- Henk

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