SD Card disk drive for C-64?

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Sun Jan 24 04:49:50 CST 2016

On 01/23/2016 05:07 PM, william degnan wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 4:12 PM, Jim Brain <brain at> wrote:
>> On 1/23/2016 2:18 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
>>> First off, my bad - I thought the OP was wanting to change the device ID
>>> (which is not the drive number, btw**) on a genuine 1541. I'd have no idea
>>> how it's done with one of the SD-based drive emulators.
>> Google is still a friend:
>> There are no external switches on some of these drives.
>> But, the BASIC commands used to switch device numbers on the 1541 also
>> work on these units, and putting an extra char at the end of the command
>> will make the changes permanent, as I recall.
>> Jim
> Right.  I am saying don't make a permanent hardware change to a 1541 that
> does not have the switches unless you really want it to be permanent
> because there is a software method of assigning drives that is good enough
> most of the time.  BUT if you must make it permanent and you don't have the
> external switches, consider adding some form of external switch so you
> don't ever have to open the case again to put it back to the default.  Less
> likely to burn traces, etc if you can avoid working on the same circuit
> more than once.
> b
So I hooked it up like *will *said ans changed the original olsskool floppy
to 9 but when I put a disk in there and it calls for a save dist it
tryes to grab from ,8 also I
Have no clue on how to change disks on the SD floppy when it calls for a
save disk like
I use Fleet System 2+ doe my word processing and database needs and If I
am just
trying yo use the SD drive I can not change disks and all you get is 1
peice of paper
for instructions and it pretty much says this...

/These are my recommendations and not the ONLY way of using an SD2IEC. Id you are already a Commodore disk drive user, you'll
  get the hang of it in decondsif you have never used a reak disk drive, follow the instructions here, and you'll soon be useing your
Commodore like a grown up!

   *Breif **explanation of how to prepare an SD card, install file
Browser and create a simple directory structure.*

                     Format an SD card as fat16 or fat 32. In most circumstances a QUICK FORMAT will do. if you are having trouble
                     useing your SD card with youir SD2IEC, use

Download the latest version of file browser and extract all of the content of "PROGRAMS" to the root of the of you blank SD card.
Delete the txt file and trmove the extensions from the FB files.. eg.. fb.<NOTHING> FB16.<NOTHING> ect..

/to keep file structure neat, create directories for your files.
somthing like thos...

/Volume in H is SD2MASTER
 Volume serial number is  1F81-c3D5

Directory of H:/

23/4/2013 13:16 <DIR>                    C64
///23/4/2013 13:26/ <DIR>                    C16
//23/4/2013 13:16 <DIR>                    VIC20
///23/4/2013 13:16 18:56             792 fb
///23/4/2013 13:16  07:45           2,219  fb16
//23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            1,330 fb20
///23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            2,079 fb20-3k
///23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            2,119 fb20-8k
///23/4/2013 13:16 18:24/            3,023 fb20-mc
//23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            2084 fb64
//23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            2,258 fb64dtv
//23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            2,131 fb1218
//23/4/2013 13:16 18:24            279 thefuturewas8bit.txt
               9 file(s)                    18,134 bytes
                4 Ddirs    168,607,744 bytes free

I have done everything the instroctions have said it will load up but I
am still havinf 2 problems
1, I have no Idea how to use disk swap on the sd caed and my ,9 floppy
when I am in basid I can typr    LOAD "*",9,1 AND IT WILL WORK BUT AS

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