Introduction and RK05J Drive cabling

Joshua Stetson saburwulf at
Sun Jan 24 11:31:57 CST 2016

> Always happy to hear of another happy user! Even better to hear of another

working 8/E.

I've actually got a second 8/e chassis and enough boards to get a basic 12
kiloword core system up and running. I just need to replace a boxer fan
(bearings went on one of them and it grinds), and then debug the CPU.
Ideally, I'd rather have an M than a second E though; especially since I'd
probably be running it with Vincent's SRAM board instead of the core. It
would make for the perfect portable system to take around.

Hope you get your RK05 going. I am still waiting for a good
> deal on an RK05; I'll probably have a custom SD card board made for the
> Omnibus before that happens, though... :)

I hope so too! Looking at the drives themselves, I'm pretty confident as
they both look very well maintained. My RK05E card set passes the diskless
diagnostics so as soon as I get the cabling I can move onto the next steps
of bringing them back to life.

I'm interested in your SD card board however. This is something that I'd
totally go in on. Would be nice to have a board that just looks like an
RK05 so that no OS/8 patching would be required, especially if it supported
single cycle data break!


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