Terminal Emulation for Windows - supporting Kermit File Transfer

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Mon Jan 25 12:58:28 CST 2016

Not so much of luck so far....


lists 2 "projects" with windows binaries. The first one seems to work,
but when it comes to downloading files from the connected system, k95
just terminates.

the 2nd project just does not start at all.

TeraTerm is able to recieve files (but you have to manually click
"recieve" while the connected system sits there and tries to send
send send send send.... a regular kermit automatically detects that)
But TeraTerm can not transfer a file to the connected system

Mapping my Windows COM-Port to a FreeBSD Oracle VirtualBox VM seems
to work, but I'm not able to send CTRL + \ + C via Putty to the VM
to get back from my serial connection to Kermit to terminate it

Oh dear.....

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