HP 9000/382 Questions

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 25 16:16:33 CST 2016

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> Onderwerp: Re: HP 9000/382 Questions
> So sounds like
> 1. get a 9825 (or find someone that has one locally)
> Reason for a 9825 is it is the only one with a tape drive that will read the tapes
> Is this correct ?
> 2. prep the tape(s)
> 3. copy the data from the tape to a 9895A -- any ever do a emulator ?
> 4. read the data/run with a 68010 based 200 series .. will the original 300 work ?
> I've not taken a DC-100 apart but have done many DC-300's I've got a box of
> DC-100's that I don't care what is on them, I'll find it and use one of the tapes as
> a test case.
> Looks like I've got a long ways to go ....
> -pete

Yes and no, you'll need a 9825B with the 98228A 9895/9885 Flexible Disc ROM an 98034A/B HP-IB Interface and of cause a HP 9895A Disc drive ;)
And there will be a problem if there is a binary file on the tape, at the moment it is impossible to copy them, the 9825 is missing the tools to copy them. 
As far as I know an emulator isn't available (yet ?).
For which instrument do you have the tapes, I've some disc's for the HP 8566B and 68B SA's for RMB systems (HP 9000/200-300 Rocky Mountain Basic).
For some other equipment I should also have some files.

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