BC11A paddle boards

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 27 09:06:40 CST 2016

> Considering DEC did something like this for the DWBUA, but with 4
> 30-pin cables (by necessity because of the BI backplane), is 2x60 pins

DEC (also?) made a board that brought the Unibus out on 3 40-way
cahles. The 11/730 I am restoring originally had a Unibus expansion
cabinet, and the arrangement was a board in the Unibus Out slot
of the CPU with 3 off 40 pin Berg connectors on it (and nothng else).
Then 3 cables (40 pin socket on each end) to a bulkhead panel with
3 40 way headers on it. That took a special screened cable with 3 
40 way ribbon cables inside to another identical bulkhead, then 
3 more cables to another PCB (different M-number, so perhaps
there were connection differences) in the Unibus In of the expansion

I have removed that from my 11/730 as I just want a single-cabinet system,
but of course have kept all of it. 

Didn't we have a thread on this a few months back?

> more cost-effective than 4x30?  Mostly, I'm curious about how much
> 60-pin ends cost and the difference in cost between 2 lengths of

Practically, I would not want to use 60 way connectors and cable. They are
not as easy to get as the 40 way ones. 

[I've never seen a 30 way IDC socket. 34 way are common of course.]


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