CDC Sabre 8" SMD blues

Ian Finder ian.finder at
Thu Jan 28 14:52:00 CST 2016

Hi folks,
       I recently picked up a Symbolics system built around an 8" Control Data Corp. Sabre hard drive.       
       Some files read when I show the FEP directory listing but many show as "Error reading file header, wrong pkid read" which I assume is some sort of FEP FS integrity check.       
       In short, the drive becomes ready and much of the data appears still there, but I have some brand of consistent read errors that preclude the machine from booting.       
       It's not a software issue as the machine was deinstalled in a working condition.       
       Anyone familiar with these terrible drives? Am I totally up the creek? I tried a couple different orientations.       
       - Ian       
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