Front Panels

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Jan 28 18:48:56 CST 2016

Hi Guys
               What a week!

First I had to reject a batch  of panels because some text was not 
centered right.

Then whilst the matt black on the front gave a really nice finish I felt 
the resistance to abrasion could be better.
So I've switched to a silk textured surface base material. It mimics the 
diffuse layer on the front side of the original board really well. But 
of course it resists abrasion better (because its the surface of the 
actual material and not just a coating)  and also it provides a better 
key for the inks to adhere to.  It gives the same effect of there being 
a front matt black layer as did the original. It looked  good on the 
sample.  It still leaves me the option to put black on the front if needed.

I took the opportunity to add rounded  corners and have them drill the 
big hole for the key lock

Next  the great US snow storm stopped shipments to the US (they are 
still not caught up) and then my email stated acting up. Some emails 
came through and some didn't.

Any way it looks like I am just about back on track.:

The first batch of predrilled silk textured front panel blanks are due 
now and the silk screen shop will run them when they arrive.
The new packaging has arrived. The shippers will start to accept new 
parcels for the US on Monday or Tuesday.

Finally they fixed my email late yesterday and its still OK.


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