Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Thu Jan 28 19:22:53 CST 2016

On Thu, 28 Jan 2016, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> The latest rig that I've run 98SE on is a Intel P3 (440GX) with 2GB of 
> memory.  I can do it, but it took the "unofficial final service pack" to 
> reduce the amount of memory to something reasonable.
> Drivers, I think would be the stumbling block on modern hardware.  I'd 
> use VirtualBox in any case to deal with that issue.  I've certainly done 
> with other old systems.

Windows 98 worked fine with a 1.4GHz Tualatin Pentium III (socket 370) and 
i815e chipset. It also worked just fine on a Pentium 4 and I suspect would 
work with a Pentium D or Core Duo using only one CPU core.

Windows 98 was supposed to support a maximum of 2GB of memory, however it 
has a bug in the Vcache driver which causes problems unless you limit the 
memory it can use to 1 or 1.5GB.

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