IBM 3101-12 ASCII terminal - need fuse holder

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Thu Jan 28 22:28:10 CST 2016

Hello, all,

I was just gifted with an IBM 3101-12 ASCII terminal that happens to
be missing the fuse and fuse holder.  Unlike a lot of 1960s and 1970s
gear, it's not round.  It's square.  Is this a standard IBM thing from
the 70s/80s?  Anyone know where I could get one?  It seems to snap in
and probably fell out at some point under its previous owner.

Also, I found only a little info on it from Googling.  Later IBM ASCII
terminals emulated ANSI command or Wyse-50 or something.  I couldn't
find anything on the 3101.  Is it a glass TTY or does it respond to
any cursor positioning, etc. commands?

Thanks for any tips and info.  Worst case, I can bodge in a fuse on
the inside, but if I can find a replacement holder, I'd like that



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