Last call: free machines in Sweden

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Fri Jan 29 04:38:21 CST 2016


My employer is moving house and need to clear out some old stuff. We 
have ported to many, many Unix systems over the years and have kept some 
of the machines.

Available is:

1x IBM RS/6000 big and beige
1x Bull DPX/2
1x Concurrent Computer Corporation in rack
1x Sperry unix machine
1x NCR (same as above, other label)

Possibly 1 VAX 4000 and possibly one  Alphaserver 2000.

Pickup only. We will remove hard drives since they contain source code.

In a few weeks, this will be gone.

A few pictures here:

Items are in Uppsala, Sweden.


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