Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

js at js at
Fri Jan 29 10:04:01 CST 2016

On 1/28/2016 8:37 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On faster, more modern systems, I use 
> VirtualBox.  Just not worth the extra 
> trouble finding drivers--but I suspect 
> 98SE will run on P4 systems as well.

The one thing I'm not seeing mentioned 
in re VirtualBox is that what if you 
have a legacy Win 98SE system with 
hardware in it, like a GPIB card or 
sound card?   Or if you have software 
that talks to hardware via serial or 
parallel ports eg. eprom burners, Zector 
ZVG vector graphic driver for MAME, etc.

The other hassle is having to 
essentially rebuild an Win98 (or any 
other) machine from scratch in order to 
try to replicate an existing setup.  I 
haven't seen any way to "capture" an 
existing machine and all its disk 
partitions -- especially when there's 
multiple partitions of different types 
-- and import it into the virtual 
world.   That'd be great.

- J.

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