IBM 3101-12 ASCII terminal - need fuse holder

Charles Anthony at
Fri Jan 29 16:50:24 CST 2016

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 8:28 PM, Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks at> wrote:

> Hello, all,
> Also, I found only a little info on it from Googling.  Later IBM ASCII
> terminals emulated ANSI command or Wyse-50 or something.  I couldn't
> find anything on the 3101.  Is it a glass TTY or does it respond to
> any cursor positioning, etc. commands?

This is the Multics Release 12 Terminal Type File (TTF.ttf) entry:

/***** IBM 3101 ASCII CRT terminal series *****/

terminal_type: IBM3101 like ASCII_CRT;
 initial_string: ESC L (7) <(10) <SP> ESC 0> CR;

This is the Multics Release 12 C compiler terminfo entry for the 3101:

#         @(#)ibm.ti          1.3       (1.10     2/22/83)

ibm|ibm3101|3101|i3101|IBM 3101-10,
          cr=^M, cud1=^J, ind=^J, bel=^G, tbc=\EH, hts=\E0, am, cub1=^H,
          clear=\EK, lines#24, cols#80, cuf1=\EC, cuu1=\EA, ed=\EJ, el=\EI,
          kcud1=\EB, kcub1=\ED, kcuf1=\EC, kcuu1=\EA,
          home=\EH, cup=\EY%p1%' '%+%c%p2%' '%+%c, ht=^I,

Attached is ibm3101.ctl.lisp, the 3101 bindings for the LISP interpreter.

-- Charles

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