PDP-11/03, LSI-11 KEV11-C CIS option

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 30 15:32:21 CST 2016

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From: Eric Smith 
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Subject: PDP-11/03, LSI-11 KEV11-C CIS option 

Does anyone have a PDP-11/03 or LSI-11 with the KEV11-C CIS
(Commercial Instruction Set) option? It may have also been known as
DIS (Dibol Instruction Set).  It apparently consists of two microcode
ROM chips (MICROMs), 23-004B5 and 23-005B5.

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Hi Eric,
are yo looking for the 11/03 CPU board, or is the
CIS "QIL" chip enough?   QIL=Quad In Line , I made that up
as the CIS chip I am thinking of si 40 "double" DIL.
ISTR I have that CIS chip in a anti-static box.

- Henk

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