Win98SE Update/Patches WAS: Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Ali cctalk at
Sat Jan 30 17:57:34 CST 2016

> I haven't checked, but does a similar animal exist for WinME?  Or is ME
> the pariah of the 9x family?


I don't know. I skipped WinME when it was released and jumped directly to Win2K. Frankly have not had any desire to go back. There are a number of patches out there that will, supposedly, bring all the good stuff over from ME to 98SE (better DUN, icons, etc.). I haven't tried them so I couldn't comment on reliability. My feeling is that if I am running 98 I want to run 98 as stably as possible - for me that means only installing official patches. 


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