Any hope for CBM VIC-1525 Printers & ribbons?

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Sat Jan 30 19:24:30 CST 2016

Has anyone found a source for replacement ribbons, or even re-inking
supplies, for the Commodore VIC-1525 printer?

This printer was manufactured in Japan by Seikosha for CBM, and was also
sold in the USA by Radio Shack, re-badged under the Tandy / TRS-80 brand.

For reference - The VIC-1525 employs an odd two-cassette ribbon system,
that uses a continuous-loop ribbon only about 24" in total length. One
cassette contains a spring tensioner mechanism, with the second cassette
holding the inking roller and (friction?) gear.

The ribbon loop is strung side-to-side between the two cartridges, with the
front strand passing in front of the print head, and the rear strand
passing through the ribbon advance clutch.

Google turns up nothing, except for some homebrew recipes for making new
ink.. and one site offering exorbitantly priced NOS ribbons that are just
as likely dried up.

Thanks for any & all input..

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