Any hope for CBM VIC-1525 Printers & ribbons?

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Sat Jan 30 19:46:00 CST 2016

I have used recently to remake a lot of my HP2631 very odd ribbons. Wasn't cheap but sure worked perfectly.
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> On Jan 30, 2016, at 5:24 PM, drlegendre . <drlegendre at> wrote:
> Has anyone found a source for replacement ribbons, or even re-inking
> supplies, for the Commodore VIC-1525 printer?
> This printer was manufactured in Japan by Seikosha for CBM, and was also
> sold in the USA by Radio Shack, re-badged under the Tandy / TRS-80 brand.
> For reference - The VIC-1525 employs an odd two-cassette ribbon system,
> that uses a continuous-loop ribbon only about 24" in total length. One
> cassette contains a spring tensioner mechanism, with the second cassette
> holding the inking roller and (friction?) gear.
> The ribbon loop is strung side-to-side between the two cartridges, with the
> front strand passing in front of the print head, and the rear strand
> passing through the ribbon advance clutch.
> Google turns up nothing, except for some homebrew recipes for making new
> ink.. and one site offering exorbitantly priced NOS ribbons that are just
> as likely dried up.
> Thanks for any & all input..

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