Win98SE Update/Patches WAS: Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jan 31 13:06:00 CST 2016

On 01/31/2016 07:30 AM, Douglas Taylor wrote:

> I worry about the old disk drives, what are the pitfalls of using a
> CF to IDE adapter with DOS?  Win98?  Win3.1?

If you're not using a "special" 8-bit card, such as the XTIDE, there 
really is little downside to using a CF drive, as Windows 8x doesn't do 
a lot of writing.  If you're worried about exhausting the write 
lifetime, you're best off by purchasing one of the "commercial use" CFs, 
however, that use SLC flash, rather than the consumer-grade MLC devices.

Here's a rundown of the difference between MLC and SLC:

Otherwise, the thing looks just like a PATA drive at the interface.

One gotcha with Windows XP, however--some CF devices set the "removable" 
bit in the IDENTIFY command results, which XP sees as a barrier to using 
if as a swap device.  Fortunately, there are some simple workarounds 
(device driver "layers") that make that mostly a non-issue.


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