Disc Imaging / Kryoflux - Acorn ADFS 800KB

Austin Pass austinpass at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 15:28:32 CDT 2016

I'm trying to preserve my Acorn ADFS 3.5" discs. To this end, I've purchased a KryoFlux "Pro" board and a new-old-stock ALPS floppy drive.

I've hooked it all up to a Windows 8.1 VM and everything *seems* to be working.  However, the .adl images I create are all 0KB in size.

I've created a profile to match the discs I'm reading (256byte sector size, tracks 0-79, MFM encoding, interleaved sides).

Recording the flux transitions captures data, but when I run the resultant data back through DTC I get the same.

Any ideas?


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