Maybe interesting toy in junk shop...

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Sat Jul 2 21:32:38 CDT 2016

I was poking around a junk shop that I visit from time
to time and I saw a toy.  It didn't really strike me as
that interesting when I saw it but I've been wondering
about it since I left the place this morning.  The
thing was mostly red plastic with a cardboard bottom.  It
had a two-prong AC cord and a four prong "old fashioned"
telephone jack.  It had two big buttons and a spool of
paper tape mounted on the front.  The tape was about 1/4
inch wide.  I call it a toy because it had that sort of
feel about it.  It was not clearly labeled as such.  It
was also styled in a way that suggested late 1960s to me.
The whole thing was the size of a small shoe box.  I
can't find anything like it in google searches.  I wonder
if it might have some early modem like device in it.  Does
this description "ring a bell" with anyone?

Bill S.

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