Source for server lift/hoist?

Jon Elson elson at
Mon Jul 4 22:38:27 CDT 2016

On 07/04/2016 08:18 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Ed wrote...
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> just have to know what to ask  google  for
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> No, if you'd looked a little further. The highest going one on that page
> goes 40 or 47 inches. That's not gonna cut it for an awful lot of things.
> Hence, the reason a scissor lift cart (rather than a server lift) is only
> going to work if you want to put stuff in the bottom 1/2 of a rack, which
> quite frankly I can do with 2x4 "shims" and a small table easy enough. It's
> the upper part of the rack that is more difficult (and dangerous) with those
> methods, hence the need for a "server lift".
The legs on my shop crane splay outward, so it should 
straddle a single rack cabinet, and be able to approach 
pretty close to the rack.  The boom, at full extension come 
out almost to the front wheels.


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