Repairing a Supermicro P6DLF motherboard

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Tue Jul 5 07:29:20 CDT 2016

I'm currently in the process of repairing a Supermicro P6DLF motherboard 
which suffered shipping damage and I'm trying to find anyone else who 
might have one. I can't find any photos of one of these boards online 
(except for the one I recently purchased) and the board I have shows 
possible signs of prior rework that I'm trying figure out.

The electrolytic capacitors on this particular board at locations CE1 and 
CE6 have Sanyo OS-CON 220uF 10V polymer parts (purple sleeve and appear to 
be 10SA220M) fitted and the solder work was done by hand. The joints were 
completely defluxed/cleaned, but the leads were hand sheared down into the 
solder joint. All of the other electrolytic capacitors on this board are 
Sanyo CG series 1000uF 16V (green) that were wave soldered.

I suspect two of the Sanyo CG series parts were replaced at some point by 
a prior owner with the SA series polymer parts. According to the SA series 
datasheet, the largest 10mm diameter part is 220uF 10V, which may be why 
those were installed. I haven't used one of these boards since the late 
'90s when I built a workstation with one, and I can't remember with 100% 
certainty that Supermicro didn't use a few polymer parts on these boards.

If anyone else has one of these boards and can physically check it to see 
what parts are installed, it would be really helpful. Many of the original 
Sanyo CG series parts were trashed on my board when it was shipped in one 
of those thin USPS Priority boxes, so I'm going to end up replacing all of 
them. If the two OS-CON parts turn out to be not original, I'll fit the 
correct value parts in those two locations while I'm at it.

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