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On 07/07/2016 07:18, Paul Birkel wrote:
> "MakeAnEight", oh my :->.  Next it will be "SweetSixteen" I imagine.
> Great news on the casting-in-resin prototype.  How much are these ending up costing?
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> Hi Guys
>                We are able to-announce the successful test production of a PDP-8 Bezel in cast resin.
>               The result is tough, beige colored, slightly flexible copy of the original.
>               Bonding the panel to the bezel or adding internal stiffening brings rigidity.
>               Painting matches the color.
>               This will be part of our MakeAnEight parts for reproduction or repair range.
>                               Rod (Panelman) Smallwood
Hi Paul
                  Well I was going to call it ElevenHeaven but I like
your idea better.

They got a good result first time.  That seemed too easy. Then I remembered
that when I went through the molding and casting process they said is
that it?

It just dawned on me. Screen printing is all about handling gloopy liquids.
They have all of the knowledge of mixing and all of the measuring pots and
stirring sticks you will ever need.

Cost? Well that's interesting.
Usually in a small run/custom situation its the labor cost that's the
major element.
Here it seems to be the cost of the materials to get the right result. I
should know soon.

Regards Rod

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