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Sat Jul 9 23:05:51 CDT 2016

what kind of wooden modem?
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>>  So, I guess that I can bring a few items for the consignment  sales,
>> (which is also "information coming soon"), but NOT a  station wagon full
>> of boxes of books, classic vintage computers  (QX10, SMC70, early 5150,
>> 8201a, etc.), hundreds of hard-sector  diskettes, 3", 3.25" disks and
>> alignment disks, another wooden  modem, ARC serial analyzer, etc.
>> (priced to meet expenses and  lunch both days)
>> Oh well.  I would have needed to get help  packing the car, etc. anyway.
On Sat, 9 Jul 2016, Evan Koblentz  wrote:
> Sure you can bring a car full of stuff, as long as it's sold at  
> I do not know how much table space we will have for  that. It is possible 
> we'll ask you to bring in some at a  time.

At VCF6, I only brought a few  things:
but now  I have more than ten times that, that needs to go or get  
plus all that is left  of
and at least 100 more boxes  worth.

But, my health is not good enough to even pack it all.
My  assistant at the last VCF died two years ago.
I had been hoping to totally  fill Prius station wagon, and sell enough 
first day to do an entire  additional load the second day.
But, I don't think that it is realiatic to  imagine that I can manage to do 
Besides the need to channel it in  small quantities through "consignment", 
I know that I can't manage even  that level of physical exertion.
So, I'll probably just fill a couple of  boxes with IBM Technical 
References, Windows Resource kits, etc. and end  up with most of the rest 
eventually going to paper recycling.    (most of the FPUIB stuff has been 
in that list for 2 years, so there's  obviously not a big pent-up demand)

Grumpy Ol' Fred    cisin at

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