IBM 360/30 in verilog

steven at steven at
Mon Jul 11 22:43:38 CDT 2016

Jon said:
> LOTS of model /40s were sold in the US.  EVERY one had its
> own set of ALDs, with the serial number of the CPU on them.
> They not only recorded the general info for the model, but
> they had specific changes to reflect the exact configuration
> of THAT machine.

I didn't know that every machine came with a set of ALDs but you are
right that a lot of /40's were sold stateside. My dad was re-posted
directly from Hursley to Poughkeepsie in '65 which I was where some (or
all?) the /40s were assembled.
One of the IBM Journals (75 years?) has a large colour photo of a row
of 40s on the final assembly floor at Poughkeepsie, everyone in it
striking that characteristic 60s/70s IBM-photo-pose, eg. someone leaning
over a table, another reaching for a console knob, one changing a tape and
at least two people earnestly discussing a printout.


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