DOS code in CP/M? Revisited...

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Wed Jul 13 23:43:18 CDT 2016

Hi Guys,
I have to laugh at myself.  I just realized that when I read the title of the email, I thought it had said CP/M code in DOS? Revisited..."  Sometimes I really think I'm dyslexic.  Maybe.  In love with computers, definitely.  I think I was born with food in one hand and computers in the other with Star Trek and Star Wars somewhere in the vicinity.  :)  Take care my friends.  

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> Did MS-DOS use code copied from CP/M? Forensic software engineer Bob
> Zeidman said "no" in 2012 but now he has new research to disclose at VCF
> West.
> That's all I can say for now. :)

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