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The thing about the Amiga was its wow factor -- I remember
walking into Compucentre (Canadian chain) in the mid-80s.. and there's all
the computers from 8 bit heaven and their 16 color graphics (if you were
lucky).. and then there's this one computer on a pedestal featuring a
totally real jungle cat prowling onscreen.  It just blew the doors off
everything else there, and I would go wanting for one for 20 years afterward
(now I have 5 :)).  Not sure a replica can revive *that*.

Thats an awesome story and experience that unfortunately i agree is hard to relay to people these days.  To see how great lots of classics were during their heyday in comparison to what was out is what made so many historic memories. 

I think its unfortunately harder for younger generation sometimes to put away their cinematic quality vr and experience vintage gaming for what it was.  Graphics drawn by programming, music while gaming, going for blocks and blips to fully animated sprites and tracked music playing all while fitting on a floppy disk.

Or even the wealth and size of the virtual text world at a terminal or personal computer.  Preaching to  the choir here but when i did finally get around to showing selections of systems at our past vcf it was a blast and i enjoyed showing some of the comparison of commodore to some pc ascii games but also being fair and switching out to some of my favorite dos games too as well as pointing out the crispness of the pc display for text making it a probable better system out of the box for staring at text all day.

I miss closer vcfs :-( 

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