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>> [...] VMS [...]
> What I've read about VMS makes me think the networking was
> incredible.

For its time, certainly.  Even today, there are a few things a DECnet
stack does better than an IP stack.

> But having used VMS (as a student), the command line *sucked* (except
> for the help facility---that blows the Unix man command out of the
> water).

I'm not sure I agree.  The VMS command line I used sucked, but so did
Unix shells of the time, and in many of the same ways.

As for VMS HELP, I don't think the tool is all that much better; what
is _much_ better is the documentation it contains.  DEC documentation
of the VMS era was _awesome_.  Even today I rarely see it equaled,
never mind bettered, in many ways.

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