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Thu Jul 14 15:51:33 CDT 2016

On 07/14/16 12:42 PM, Swift Griggs wrote:

> Hmm. I didn't run into anyone who was a dyed-in-the-wool Apple fan who
> wasn't over-the-moon excited about OSX. I thought it was pretty cool,
> myself. However, on freeware UNIX variants I'm the guy who often just gets
> sick of having graphics at all (even though I use Fluxbox 90% of the time)
> and drops down to the framebuffer console for a while for a refreshing
> break. :-) So, OSX was too "slick" for me. I (mostly) like my UNIX uncut.
> :-)

I'm missing something here.  Although most did/are using the Apple supplied 
GUI/Aqua, it wasn't a requirement.

I have/run OpenWindows (compiled for OS X/PPC), and also, although mostly for 
fun, have a copy of the Mosaic web browser, also compiled for OS X/PPC.

Aside from the Netinfo directory server, from a basic level, you can pretty much 
do & run anything you would on Solaris, Unix, *BSD or Lunix.  What OS X didn't 
ship with wasn't too hard to compile on my own.

>> -up OS. In my experience, more stable than OS/2 >=2.
> I've spent all of about five minutes with OS/2. After working for IBM for
> years, and watching that drama just soured me on touching it. I might have
> liked it, though. Who knows? It just didn't have hardly any software I
> cared about and I had 100% certainty that IBM would screw it up.

In defense of OS/2, I went from straight DOS to OS/2 1.3.  I was taking a lot of 
college programming classes, and in Assembly language specifically, I found any 
number of ways to blow things up and loose my work.  OS/2 truly provided a 
"better DOS than DOS", and I could blow up a DOS session with my Assembly code 
and go right on working.

Applications are/were a long story on OS/2, that I could write volumes on, but 
in short, if you wanted to play games, DOS and later, Windows was the place to 
be.  Or the more 2000+ updated answer, on a game console.

OTOH, how many word processors/spreadsheets/presentation programs does one need 
per OS?

 From a technical perspective, the only big problem I had with OS/2, back in the 
1990's, was the single thread input queue on the new OOUI, WPS (Work Place Shell).

OS/2 is now sold under the name "eComStation" and boots from JFS2 volumes.

In summary, back in the early 1990's, I moved to OS/2.  I didn't do it to get 
some application I needed, I moved for stability in the Wintel world.  And for 
me, it did a great job.


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