OSX, OS/2, ECS, and Blue Lion (was Re: NuTek Mac comes)

Jerry Kemp other at oryx.us
Thu Jul 14 17:39:23 CDT 2016

Thanks for the comments, it's always educational to get the viewpoints and 
experiences from others, on items that are "shared ground".

I didn't mean to come off like an OS/2 fanatic.  I started using OS/2 around 
1990, early 1991 at the latest, and short of Unix (I wasn't a Unix fanatic at 
the time, although I was coming up to speed), I still judge OS/2 to be one of 
the better x86 options for the early and mid 1990's.  Its a given here that you 
looked at the software you wanted to run, then purchased the appropriate 
hardware accordingly.

Thanks for the reminder on the Arca Noae, I'm sure I had read that previously, 
then just selectively chose to drop it from memory.  I haven't used OS/2, or its 
derivatives, exclusively on a day-to-day basis since probably 1997 or 1998 at 
the latest.

On 07/14/16 04:53 PM, Swift Griggs wrote:

>> In defense of OS/2, I went from straight DOS to OS/2 1.3.  I was taking
>> a lot of college programming classes, and in Assembly language
>> specifically, I found any number of ways to blow things up and loose my
>> work.  OS/2 truly provided a "better DOS than DOS", and I could blow up
>> a DOS session with my Assembly code and go right on working.
> I had similar experiences with DOS and something called DESQview/X. I
> think it was made by Quarterdeck Systems. I didn't know squat about UNIX
> or XDMCP at the time, but it was still beyond awesome to me to be able to
> run a DOS window and do something uber-stupid in Lattice-C or Borland and
> watch it gracefully recover. So, I can emphatically understand what you
> mean.
>> OTOH, how many word processors/spreadsheets/presentation programs does
>> one need per OS?
> Fair point, but choice is good, too.
>>  From a technical perspective, the only big problem I had with OS/2, back
>> in the 1990's, was the single thread input queue on the new OOUI, WPS
>> (Work Place Shell).
> That's inside baseball to me. I'll take your word for it.
>> OS/2 is now sold under the name "eComStation" and boots from JFS2
>> volumes.
> You probably already know, but it seems there is another one now, too,
> based on ECS:
> https://www.arcanoae.com/blue-lion-go/
> Also FYI, just to be super-clear, I didn't mean to bash or attack OS/2. I
> was just saying I'm too ignorant about it to make a judgment and IBM
> burned me too much to care. However, for all I know it's super-awesome.
> -Swift

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