Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

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Sun Jul 17 19:28:18 CDT 2016

> And SheepShaver is an option to run Classic/Mac OS apps on Intel based
> Mac OS X boxes.

It's an option, but it's not a very good one. It has various compatibility
issues with certain programs (usually the most interesting/useful ones)
and it does not run anything past 9.0.4. For the programs it works with, it's
a godsend, but Classic (not to mention OS 9 itself) is the best reason to
keep a Power Mac around. It's a bit pokier than OS 9 due to the virtualization
overhead, but it's highly compatible and infinitely better integrated with
the host operating system. This is a big reason I'm "Tiger Forever" on my
PowerPC gear.

For that matter, you might as well run Jaguar on a G3, G4 or early G5,
because Jag didn't have double-buffered Classic windows and did have better
classic AppleTalk networking support.

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