Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Sun Jul 17 22:15:03 CDT 2016

opps    sorry  many typos... see clarification  interlaced..
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cmhanson at writes:

That would be a PowerMac G5. No Power Macintosh has an Intel  processor

yes that is  first   g5 has a more elegant  interior design!  I need a  
disk for this have no disc have no  software  but have nice system.

then there is a  1.1  ( i have one too) but you can not  upgrade  to the 
> latest os (bummer)

By "1.1" do you mean  the Mac Pro? The Mac Pro has always had an Intel 
processor, and the model code  for the first Mac Pro was MacPro1,1.

 1.1" do you mean the Mac Pro  yea this  runs  nice  and has  2  drive and 
7 gig mem

> then there is  the G% 3  or 3.3  dated one that   will  run current  os  

This is confusing. Can you restate it or at least correct  your typos 
before posting? There's no G3 that can run the latest macOS, since a  G3 is a 
kind of PowerPC CPU.
G5   version  3  vrs the earlier  1.1   i  

> is there a way to force the 1.1 one to run currest  os  somehow!?

Not any supported way, which is the only way I'd be  allowed to discuss.

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