Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Mon Jul 18 15:39:08 CDT 2016

Liam, thank you so much for this  information!
I did not know about  all the HACKINTOSH  action out there!

Good to hear that one system will use SATA drive > I will just have  to  
find  some old installable  OS   for it.
The  family of the deceased engineer that passed these on to us  at  the 
SMECC  Museum project   tossed most any  paperwork or media , so  we have  
what is   installed  on the system  and of  course  for the diskless one we are 
 empty handed.
We we were out  scrounging now I wish  I had  picked up  more  vintage  MAC 
  paperwork and  discs   now.
We  saved stuff related to the   early MAC and of course  ANYTHING we could 
 find  for the APPLE II.
We do also have  something that looks  like an APPLE LISA but not  the 
twiggi (sp?) drive model  I have heard reference to. it turned on  last  time I  
tried but just a bunch of  diddle  crap all  over the screen. (bogus 
contents of memory mapped  video or!??  <this  machine is a mystery to me  I saw 
it  when it came out  but that is abut the only experience I have had  with 
LISA  remember I  was a HP  guy in the business days... I do remember  going 
over to a  store in Metrocenter in AZ  and seeing one  for the first  time  
with a MOUSE on it! I was amazed...  
Again... thanks  for the  hints and help now and in the  future.
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Ed,  *please* will you get a proper email client? They work fine with
AOL mail.  I know, I am also liamproven at & have been for  20y!

> will not  load  curvet  os  because?
> "This  is caused by the lack of the 64 bit EFI bios. The  hardware of the
> Mac Pro 1.1 is  already complete 64bit capable  but they do ship the efi 
> only in 32bit   version."
> Ed  says..... OK whatever an EFI Bios  is....

There are ways around  it.

Ask  the Hackintosh community:

>  ---------------------
> ok we also have a -
> "The   Power Macintosh G5 shipped from 2003 until 2006. All models pack
>  64-bit PowerPC  970 (G5) processors in an easy-to-upgrade aluminum tower 
> design with a  single external optical drive  bay"
> This  one is missing disc  drives...   this  has the neatest  form  
> insides  of  any of the macs  I have  seen.

Takes any old SATA drive, as  far as I recall. No special firmware needed.

Will run up to OS X 10.5,  nothing later.

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