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> The  HPIL thinkjet version  was also used  with  the   hp portable  and hp
> portable  plus    laptops.
> we have  some of them in the  SMECC  here... but    back  when I was    
> Computer Exchange  inc   we  sold lost of  these..  it was a small laptop
> with applications in ROM but also  had a HPIL  3 1/2 disc and an  HPIL

Yes. 80C86 (not 8088)  based, there is a 16 bit data bus in there.

The Portable (HP110) has  built-in RAM that can't be expanded. One of
the boards contains the  processor and a lot of DIP-packaged 8K*8 SRAMs.
The Portable Plus used  surface-mount 8K*8 SRAMs and could take more
on a plug-in 'RAM Drawer'.  

> Hey!
> Remember  to the hp 45 calc.. had   HPIL   interface also...

I think you mean the HP41 (LCD  alphanumeric calculator) or maybe
the HP75 (handheld machine running BASIC,  very similar to the HP85
in architecture). The HP45 was a simple-ish  non-programmable 
scientific calculator with an LED display. And an  undocumented
Yes that is the  41  !  I know better!    sorry!
sold oddles of  41s  to surveyors etc... in the   day...

> There was also a gaggle of  cards to the  PC  and the HP  150 TOUCHSCREEN
> that  would  talk to   HPIL and  also  on IBM side  HPIL  plus  I seem  to
> remember HPIB  cards  too.

The HP150 had HPIB as  standard. There was an optional card that
added HPIL and a Centronics port.  That Centronics port was a 
mess. HP decided to use female DB25s for the  serial ports. So to
avoid confusion they used a male DB25 for the  Centronics port. 
Only problem was the PCB was laid out for a female DB25  using
IBM PC pinouts. With the result that the male version ended up  
effectively mirror-reversed, strobe on pin 13, etc.

There were,  indeed, HP ISA HPIB and HPIL cards. From memory the
latter (at least) will  not run in any reasonbly fast machine (8MHz CPU
clock tops?) There was also  an HPIL card for the Integral (portable 
unix machine) but I have never  seen it. Was there a DIO HPIL card?


> I may be   wrong but I remember a  HPIL a HPIB a Parallel    and maybe  a
> Serial interface  version of the HP Thinkjet

I have come  across 6 versions : 
HPIB, HPIL, RS232, Centronics, Portable (battery  powered Centronics) and
IIRC an enhanced version of the RS232  one.

> Now there was another interface not to be confused   with the HPIL it  was
> called HP HIL HP HUMAN INTERFACE LOOP I  remember?  it was   what the 
> used on the  hp  150  etc...

Yes. They are often confused... But very different to  the user and 

> I may still still have  my   orig  HP   Thinkjet  service training course

I  think you can get the service manual for the Thinkjet (probably only
covers  the original 4 versions) from the Australian  Museum.

thanks  for all this  info!
great  brain refresh!
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