Flex Disc options for the HP 9825

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 19 00:06:46 CDT 2016

> Probably a question for Tony's encyclopedic knowledge. I just
> scored two HP 9825, one a later "T" option and one "B" version 
> with all the fixings (i.e ROM packs). They both seem to work
> save the usual tape drive which I have not gotten to yet. Both
> have the flexible disc ROM. What kind of discs can I hook up?

Which flexible disk ROM? There are 2. The older one, AFAIK 
supports the HP9885 8" drive which has a 16 bit parallel interface
and needs the right version of the 98032 to hook it up. The later
disk ROM supports the HP9895 on HPIB.

The older ROM needs a disk with various programs on it to
work, it is essentially just a bootstrap. Have any such disks


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