Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Al Kossow aek at
Tue Jul 19 10:46:24 CDT 2016

On 7/18/16 8:36 PM, N0body H0me wrote:

>> Which bare board did you see?
> Long ago, on "The auction site that must not be named", some guy 
> was selling an apple-branded case, with a bare motherboard inside
> (or, perhaps only sparsely populated).  The seller stated it was
> the prototype motherboard for an 88k Mac that was never built.  It
> sold for a stupid amount of money....

If it was a Mac si case, that would have been "RLC" (RISC Low Cost)

They most definitely did work, and was what demonstrated that you could
run MacOS with an emulated 68K on a RISC processor.

I also remembered that at the same time as the 88100, a consultant was
working on bringing up the code on an AMD 29000 but that was abandoned
when RLC ran.

The only thing I can think of offhand that I liked better on PPC were the
bitfield insert/extract instructions, which are very useful in the core of
the 68K emulator. It's unlikely that there would have been as many implementations
of the 88k as PPC if only Moto would have been involved, and they wouldn't have
gotten IBM's copper fab process, which was critical in getting faster parts.

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