KT-24 and/or -11/24 backplane info

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 12:37:26 CDT 2016

>    > If it's anything like the 11/44 ... the memory bus is carried on the A
>    > and B connectors, the peripheral bus on the C,D,E,F connectors.

> I have yet to totally grok the -11/44, but the documentation indicates the
> slots for memory are memory only (i.e. EUB on the A/B connectors). Are you
> saying they are also SPC on the C/F connectors? (If so, ever tried plugging an
> SPC device into a 'memory' slot? :-)

I thought there were the SPC signals on at least some of the memory
slots, but I can't find the module allocation diagram right now. 

> If so, that would make it very similar to the -11/24, then - although does it
> also have the thing where the data lines are connected from the EUB (connector
> A) to the SPC UNIBUS (connector C)? The CPU prints show data from the CPU

I would think so. The memory management circuitry and Unibus Map affect
the address lines. There is one 16 bit data bus for memory and peripherals
in these machines I think.


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