Reproduction micros

Pete Turnbull pete at
Fri Jul 22 06:15:50 CDT 2016

On 22/07/2016 00:56, Paul Koning wrote:
> PLCC and PQFP both are plastic packages with leads on all 4 sides.
> But PLCC specifically means a package with J-leads: the legs come out
> the package side, go straight down, and tuck under the package in a
> J-shaped curve.  PQFP (and variations with similar acronyms) have
> "gull wing" leads: out the side, down to near the board, and then
> outward resting on the board.
> SA110 is definitely PQFP.

The StrongARM data sheet does actually show all three types: PLCC, PQFP,
and PPGA.  All of mine are PPGA.


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