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> The link you posted above says "Sophie maintains that "inspired by"
> isn't the right choice of words." [...] I'm just genuinely curious
> exactly which features of the 6502 and ARM instruction sets people
> think are so alike?

I've always interpreted the "inspired by" description as being about
*how* the ARM was designed, rather than about the design itself. There's
a story Sophie Wilson's told in several interviews about a visit to

>From The Inquirer:

| A visit Wilson and her colleague Steve Furber made to the Western
| Design Centre at Phoenix, Arizona, to check out a successor to the
| 6502 has passed into UK computing legend.
| The two British engineers, expecting high-tech buildings bristling
| with expert brains, were astonished to find just two developers
| working in a bungalow with "a bunch of college kids" on holiday
| jobs. "We came away thinking if they can do it, so can we."

Later in the same article:

| The instruction set, Wilson said, "came from that strange place inside
| my head where computer design comes from. Most engineers like to
| proceed from A to B to C in a series of logical steps. I'm the rare
| engineer who says the answer is obviously Z and we will get on with
| that while you guys work out how to do all the intermediate steps. It
| makes me a dangerous person to employ in IT but a useful one."

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