heap of floppy disks

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 18:11:08 CDT 2016

I picked up two crates jam packed full of floppys today. Bunch of random
old utilities in there, borland turbo asm, turbo pascal, windows for
workgroups etc.

I found a set of disks with the DEC digital logo on them. 4-5 disks, says
dos for the dec pc. Some utilitys too. Are these of any use to anyone, or
is it just a stock dos install with a dec sticker on the disk?

There are little heaps of disks on just about every surface around here, i
will  post back with a complete list of what is here to see if anyone is
interested in what is here. I just want some of the software off of the
disks, i don't necessarily want to keep the two full crates of disks around
. There is also an original copy of doom on floppy that looks to be


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