Nova 3 front panel

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sat Jul 23 13:41:56 CDT 2016

On 7/23/2016 10:57 AM, Vincent Slyngstad wrote:
> From: Henk Gooijen: Saturday, July 23, 2016 10:36 AM
>> Somebody knows of a source for 28V 40 mA “grain” bulbs with wires?
>> I could use some 10 … and 20 as spare 😊
> Mouser has 950 CM2185 bulbs in stock, which should work nicely.
> The Netherlands version of the site has the same quantity.  Maybe
> ships from the same warehouses?  (Part number 606-CM2185.)
>    Vince
Vince, Henk,
I was looking at this sale on ebay from Vince's part number.  Also it is 
a US shipping source, so may not save Henk anything.  But it is the 
lowest cost I found around.


The Mouser sale for the CM2187 (think that may be the above ebay part) 
shows it a 28v lamp, 44 cents, and 3000+ in stock.   Not sure why the 
ebay sale is for so much, but Mouser looks like the place to buy if 
there isn't a minimum order amount or bad shipping / service fee costs 
from Mouser.

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