Anyone have a spare PDP-11/84 serial console panel they could part with?

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Tue Jul 26 09:11:53 CDT 2016

 >On Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 0:05:48 -0500, Glen Slick wrote:

>I just acquired a PDP-11/84 that didn't come with a console panel.
>That should have a 25-pin D-shell connector for the console serial
>port, a baud rate selection switch, and a forced dialog switch, with a
>single 20-pin connector for a ribbon cable that attaches to the
>KDJ11-B and MDM. The part number should be 54-16508-01 according to
>the manuals I have seen, although the only hits I find online have it
>transposed as 54-16058-01.
I am probably wrong, but the part number on the cabinet kit for the
serial port with the 25-pin D-shell connector for the PDP-11/83
that I have is 54-16023.  About 1/2" to the right is a second
number 54-16022-01C1.  These numbers are on the solder side
of the PCB board.  Also stamped on this board in ink is the number
7021150-02-Rev A1.  In addition, there are TWO ribbon cables
which connect to the quad board, a 20-pin cable  AND a 10-pin
cable.  I may have another cabinet kit somewhere that looks the
same at first glance, but has different part numbers.  If I find it,
I will reply with those numbers.

As far as I can remember, all of the quad PDP-11/73 and PDP-11/83
CPU boards use the same cabinet kit since the only differences between
the two boards is the J11 chip version and the clock crystal which
supports running the PDP-11/83 board at 18 GHz rather than 15 GHz
for the PDP-11/73 with an older version of the J11 chip that had a
problem with floating point when run at the higher speed.

Finally, since the quad CPU board for the PDP-11/83 is the identical
board used in the PDP-11/84, I would expect that the same cabinet
kit would be used for both systems, but naturally I could be wrong.

>If you have one available let me know offline in private email how
>much you would want for one. I'm located in the Seattle, WA area.
If you can't find a cabinet kit somewhere, let ne know in a few weeks
and I will look to see if I can find the second one.  I am in Toronto,
so shipping would be much more expensive outside the USA.

Jerome Fine

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