memory map for RT-11 v 5

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Tue Jul 26 11:34:22 CDT 2016

> From: "william degnan" <billdegnan at>

> Subject: Re: memory map for RT-11 v 5
> Is there a place where one can get RT11 disks for RL02?  I only have rt-11
> 5.3 and even with 64K I can't get my system to boot.  Everything so far
> checks out, I am at a loss to determine the cause of the problem.  In simh
> I can boot 5.3 on a PDP 11/20 emulated with 32K.  It must be my system but
> I don't know what's wrong.  Diagnostics don't fail, or I can't get anything
> clearly wrong.  I can load in programs from papertape just fine.
> Bill


Check out: 

the PDF:

and the actual file:

>From the PDF:

(in folder)
Information about the Hardware, schematics , PIN assignment, chip specifications and
informations related to the RL01/RL02 disk drive, like RL01/RL02 technical manuel. You also
will find the file: RL02_0.DEC ( 11,2 MB (11.796.992 Bytes ) . This file is a RL02 image and
contains a bootable RT-11XM (S) V05.04 C system with MACRO-11, FORTRAN and
 RT-11 BASIC. Copy this file to a FAT32 formated SD-Card and you can boot RT-11 .


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