QuietJet Plus (wide Carriage RS232/Centronics) (FPUIB) (Was: Found some stuff at the scrapyard

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Wed Jul 27 17:08:57 CDT 2016

> There were also variant models with "Centronics" interface.
> narrow and wide carriage.
> College dumpstered at least a hundred of them.
Almost all working fine at the time.
> At one point, they fired a tenured faculty member for dumpster diving.
> I didn't get caught.

I have a WIDE CARRIAGE QuietJet Plus, with serial/parallel, to get rid of.
FREE if you come get it.   (Near Berkeley, in El Cerrito)
Bunches of money if you want it to be packed well.

No (missing) [external] power supply (brick)

On the back, it has an opening labelled "PARALLEL" with a Blue-ribbon 
("Centronics") connector recessed half an inch back, an opening labelled 
"RS-232-C" and "HP-IB" with a DB25 (HP-IB is only on the 2227B model)
(NO idea and DOUBTFUL whether user convertible), and an opening with 4 
male pins labelled "20Vac"

16 (DIP) switches inside, with label to partially identify them.

The label on the bottom says "2227A"  and mentions 20Vac / 18 Watts.

No rear paper bales (those pieces of old shopping carts that guide the 
paper to the printer)
Friction and adjustable tractor/pin-feed up to slightly over 15" 

A little crud on top surfaces, but not the worst that I've seen.
Sides and bottom are clean.
Looks like it was in excellent shape before being stored [indoors] without 
an overhead cover.
Plastic not yellowed.

Has a [presumably dead and fossilized] ink cartridge that does not seem to 
have been leaking.   Can those be refilled?
Same cartridge used in Kodak Diconix, and s'posedly still available at 

NO color nor colour!

22" x 8" x 4.5"
One of the most compact wide carriage printers that were made.

Windows 3.x drivers:

Supposedly drivers for Windoze through 10! and Mac:

"near letter quality"  (19x32)
96 x 96 to 192 x 192 dpi.

Documentation  "service" manual (NOT repair)

FREE if you come get it.  (near Berkeley, in El Cerrito) 
Bunches of money if you want it to be packed well.

OB_Standard_Disclaimer:  Guaranteed not to work.  In the event of our 
quality control being shoddy, if it does turn out to be working, you may 
bring it back (at your expense) for a refund of half your purchase price.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at xenosoft.com

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