Concurrent Computer Corporation

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Sat Jul 30 12:51:47 CDT 2016


I'm trying to revive and old unix machine. A Concurrent Computer 
Corporation series 8000. This seems to be a later version of Masscomp 
MC5600/MC5700 which has a manual in bitsavers. The system runs RTU 
(which I assumes means Real Time Unix).

My machine is in great condition and both SCSI disks (Seagate ST516) 
seems to work fine and I've made images. But the machine panics at boot:

panic: Unauthorized use of RTU
For further assistance, contact Concurrent's
Customer Service Technical Support Group

The NVRAM battery is long dead and upon entering the console I get a 
complaint regarding the TOD clock, but I see no way of setting it.

I can boot into a "stand alone mode" but not single user. In the SAM I 
can poke arround the filesystem and use "date" to set a date, but the 
clock appears not to be running.

Does anyone have experience with this type of machine, either CCC or 
masscomp and can offer assistance?

It's a dual MIPS machine with 16MB of memory.


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