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>> [keyboard fora] require that I subject myself to the Web.
>> I recognize that few people share this attitude.

> Well, I sorta understand; the modern 'active content' mania causes me
> to grind my teeth, too.

Oh, it doesn't make me grind my teeth.  I just ignore it.  I have no
interest in running software completely untrusted third parties would
like me to run.

> But the non-active Web has major benefits.

For you, I daresay it does.  It might for me too, if I could stand it.
(There are a very few websites I actually find to be worth subjecting
myself to - and are the only ones that come to
mind offhand.)

It is, of course, not entirely irrelevant that on the few occasions
when I do try to something with the Web, I do it from a classic
machine, usually a SPARCstation-20.

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