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Mouse wrote:

> > I have used the following operating systems: [...]
> > Now will somebody explain to me why windows  is considered not good.
> There are, of course, almost as many answers to that as there are
> people holding that opinion.
> My own answers?
> It's closed source.  It appears to put usefulness to users second to
> separating them from their money.  It appears to be designed for users
> who know nothing about computers - and designed to keep them in that
> state.  It appears to be designed around the model of large companies
> producing content which individual consumers consume (as opposed to
> peers providing things to one another).  It is a monoculture.  It
> drives the Intel ISA monoculture.  By requiring ridiculously
> over-specced machines, it encourages the sloppy coder tendency to hide
> sins with hardware.  It's full of gaping security holes - some by
> culture, some by design, some by chance.
> (Yes, I know some of these are easily explainable.)
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Couldn't have sayed it better, thanks.

Besides of that, it is only the german version of the Windows 10
End User Licence Agreement that gives Mikeysoft the righs to do with the
users data what ever they want todo? That in conjunction with the
agressive update mechanism used ist the main cause why people think it
is time now to change to linux. (think thy are right, but don't use
linux for myselves, prefer BSDs).


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