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On 03/06/2016 19:27, Henk Gooijen wrote:
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> On 6/3/2016 9:11 AM, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>> >On 03/06/2016 16:43, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
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>>> Hi its a KDJ11-B all memory on CPU board
>>> Rod
>> I am very confused.  Is your mention of memory on the CPU board
>> for the PDP-11/83 or the PDP-11/93?  I thought that the PDP-11/83
>> never had memory on the CPU board (assuming that the cache is not
>> regarded as memory).
>> This aspect of the thread is probably no longer relevant, I just wanted
>> to note that PMI memory can be used with what most individuals would
>> consider to be a PDP-11/73 (naturally a quad) board and the PMI
>> aspect of the memory will be activated when the PMI memory is
>> installed ABOVE the CPU board.
>> Also when PMI memory is installed BELOW the backplane, it is then
>> used as normal Qbus memory in a Qbus system.  I can't see anyone
>> doing that, but it is allowed.
>> Jerome Fine
> I suspect it is using this board.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/161791207076
> I am guessing the 1.5mb isn't cache, but is system memory on this board.
> There is also the KDJ11-BF which has no memory on board. M8190-AE.
> thanks
> Jim
> ----
> Nope, the M7554 is the PDP-11/53 CPU.
> The 11/83 had its memory on the bus (either left or right of the module).
> The 11/94 did NOT have memory on the bus, because *all* memory is
> on the CPU module itself. Note that there are two versions of the 11/94.
> One with 2 MB RAM and one with 4 MB RAM (all that can be addressed!).
> The 2 MB version and the 4 MB version are identical, just half the RAM 
> chip
> population is not placed. However, all through-hole pins are soldered so
> the upgrade from 2  MB to 4 MB would be a real PITA, *if* you'd try it 
> at all!
> - Henk
      I concur.

         1.   All my comments all relate to the   KJD11-E  M8981-BA CPU 

         2.    Everything is on*_one _*board

         3    18Mhz Processor, 4Mb memory, six serial lines, console 
port, monitor prom, boot proms etc.

         4.    In an 11/94-E the Qbus section  contains this one CPU 
board and a small power  (M9714) sense board.
                 There are no other QBus boards of any sort or kind in 
this section.
                Third slot is empty and then next is the UBA (Q to 
Unibus adapter)
                From there on its all Unibus

         5. See 

So back to the job in hand.  I had had for some time an 11/94 chassis 
with every thing bar the CPU.
  The  KJD11-E  M8981-BA. I recently managed to obtain one of  these boards.

You would think my problems were over. No so sad to say.  We need to 
take into  account these boards can
also be used in Qbus only systems.

So I installed the board in the 11/94 chassis and connected to the 
cables already there. Two cables go off to the
serial I/O panel at the back of the system carrying the six serial 
lines, console line and the startup two digit diagnostic
display. There's also a dip switch to set console parameters. Another 
smaller cable goes off  to the front panel to repeat the startup two 
digit diagnostic display.

SFSG...  Reading the manual for both the CPU card and the 11/94-E system 
I found that in the Qbus section
Is just the CPU and a power sensing  board ( M9714).

Next comes the UBA and then UNIBUS slots. I installed a MX211 RX02 
UNIBUS controller in the first slot.
Pulled the NPR jumper from underneath (as required for the MX211) and 
filled the next three slots with grant cards.
Grant card is G7273  in C/D   correct?

The final slot contains a UNIBUS termination card and a Minimum Load 
card as per manual.

OK so turn on the system.  Numeric Display counts down from 77 to 04.  
Look up code 04. Normal operation processor is fetching and executing 

Look at console screen  starts off ok then differs from manual.

I cannot get system to talk to UNIBUS Controllers


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