Resurrecting the DB-19

Ali cctalk at
Sun Jun 5 22:15:06 CDT 2016

> You might check; I recently purchased several DB19M and DB19F
> connectors from them at a reasonable price. They were out of the male
> DB19 solder-tail type connectors but substituted the pin-insert type
> instead.
> For my purposes, either would work. They also had a 25 pin to 19 pin
> cable for the Apple Dual Disk drives that seems to be working perfectly
> and quite a bit cheaper than several alternatives I looked at. Melinda
> was very helpful in processing the order.


Thanks for that! That is a great little site! They also had a couple of other pieces I needed that I ordered! I was going to order the DUO Disk cable as well but at $17 it seemed a bit pricey! Thanks!


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