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Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 7 06:50:01 CDT 2016

On 07/06/2016 12:12, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>> >On 06/06/2016 10:36, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>>> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>>> >On 06/06/2016 03:51, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>>>>> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>>>>> I have a box full of 8" floppies. BTW how many 8" floppies do you 
>>>>>> think there were in an RT11 distribution? 
>>>>> I can't remember for sure, but I think there were eight SSDD 
>>>>> (RX02) floppies
>>>>> plus an Auto-Install floppy.  That would have been for V05.06 of 
>>>>> RT-11 which
>>>>> requires over 6,800 blocks for an RL02 disk pack.  Since some of 
>>>>> the files
>>>>> get duplicated, eight seems about right.
>>>>> I doubt that V05.07 of RT-11 from Mentec was ever supported on RX02
>>>>> floppies.  The size of the binary distribution for V05.07 of RT-11 
>>>>> is over
>>>>> 16,600 blocks on an RL02 disk pack of which over 9,000 blocks are
>>>>> DSK files (one of which is 7,000 blocks) which Mentec added to the
>>>>> V05.07 RT-11 distribution.
>>>>> Using RX01 floppies will take many more since there are only half 
>>>>> the blocks
>>>>> or 494 blocks on a SSSD (RX01) floppy.
>>>>> Do you have any other questions?  I don't know of any RT-11 
>>>>> distributions
>>>>> on RX02 image files for either V05.06 or V05.07 of RT-11. There may
>>>>> be some for earlier versions. 
>>>> The first one out of the box read 1/87  and its not the date. 
>>> Can you provide a DIR of the first few floppies?  The names and
>>> sizes of the files will pin down which version of RT-11 if the
>>> actual dates were not correct.  Otherwise, the dates of the files,
>>> if they are correct, will specify the version of RT-11 if the dates
>>> are 1983 (or after) when V05.00 of RT-11 was released.  Before
>>> 1983, there were many updates, so there is more confusion.
>>> Internally, each SAV file has a version and each MAC file also
>>> has a version number which will also help identify the file aside
>>> from a BINCOM to compare two files. 
>> It a little difficult to do a dir when I have yet to get the drive I 
>> would do it on working
>> So I'm just inventorying this box of 8" floppies.
>> There are a number (14) of clear packages with DEC original sets  in
>> They are marked
>> RT-11 ,  RT11 V4.5B  or RT11 V4.5C
>> Plus loose disks with RT11 utilities
>> and OS/8 disks
>> I do have a pair of RX01's but I am less sure about the controller.
>> Also available is a TK50 UNIBUS CONTROLLER not a TUK50 CONTROLLER as 
>> sometimes described.
> The only two relevant dates that I am confident of are for the RT-11
> binary distributions of:
> RT-11   V04.00   February 28th, 1980   152 files     3213 blocks
> RT-11   V05.00   March 12th, 1983       182 files     4026 blocks
> I assume that you may have distributions for V04.05B of RT-11 and
> V04.05C of RT-11.  I seem to remember that between 1980 and 1982,
> DEC provided update files to users who were paying for the update
> service and that the users may have been responsible for applying the
> updates to their distributions in order to keep their RT-11 distributions
> up-to-date.
> If you have any additional information, please let us know and we can
> attempt to figure things out.
> Jerome Fine
Well I have moved on a bit more.
My 11/83 is back together and booting RT on the RD53 via the RQDX3
as normal.

I found not one but two RXV21 RX02 controllers.  So I'll  give them a 
try in the 11/83 and see what happens.
I'll soon know if the RX02 is good or not. If not I'll fix it (my era - TTL)



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